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Digital Education


"Very educational  conversation on  the advancement of my welfare.  They helped me create an email account, set up job portal account.  So glad to have stopped and visited with The. C.A.R.D. Board Project".   

REEP Your Opportunities


Re-entry Employment and Empowerment Program.    A testimony from  one our guests. "How exciting for me it was to meet an extremely professional team and business people who assisted me in helping to find employment through their vast resources based on my skill set, In doing so I was also able to connect with some highly successful as well know executives.  Thanks for The C.A.R.D. Board Project #thecardboardproject." T.H.

Planning your Bus routes assistance


We had a guest who needed assistance w/ downloading the DART app and how to schedule her route for upcoming interview.  It took 2 bus rides and a train ride one way to get to her interview and on time!  

Our team loves making a digital difference in our world.

Digital Resources - Section 8 assistance


What we love about our Mobile Digital Connection offers various digital needs.   Our volunteers are here to assist. We had a guest who needed assistance in navigating the Internet so she could apply for Section 8 online.

Share & Donate to our cause with others!


Our goal is to have 5 Mobile Digital Connection sites (MDC's) throughout S. Dallas and surrounding communities who are underserved and under-resourced.   We can create impact by providing a safe space, Wi-Fi access to the Internet.  Scroll down below and click the donate button.

Courage, Acceptance, Responsibility, & Dignity


We are committed to empowering our guests, volunteers, partnerships by providing an abundance of digital opportunities as we work toward briding the digital gap in our underserved and under-resourced communities.

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