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Bridging the Digital Gap

The C.A.R.D. Board Project’s community outreach program the Mobile Digital Connection.  This program is designed to provide a safe space with Wi-Fi access, laptop stations, and assistance in navigating the Internet for those who are unemployed, veterans, disabled, and under-served in our local communities.  


Mobile Digital Connection

 Our  community outreach program is the Mobile Digital Connection (MDC).  This program is designed to provide a safe space with Wi-Fi access, laptop stations, and assistance in navigating the Internet for those that normally would not have access to these types of resources.  

Digital Education

 The C.A.R.D. Board Project recognizes the need in the underprivileged community for the MDC. The opportunity to provide, not just a safe space for Wi-Fi access to the Internet, but educational assistance with digital information, digital access (like email), as well as basic hands-on-training in on-line technology. It is important for our under-resourced communities to have digital support. Most often they receive little if any digital assistance or training. 

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“In 14 weeks we were able to turn our lives around. Thank you for everyone involved”


Armando Cantu, from The C.A.R.D. Board Project (TCBP) first met with Micha and Mercedes in October through the availability of the non-profit’s Mobile Digital Connection (MDC) at the Cornerstone Church Kitchen in South Dallas. The couple, at that time, were homeless and had no water, ability to store or cook food, no furnishings, no medical care, no mode of transportation, no employment, minimum job history, and very limited opportunity to escape their dilemma. After meeting in the Kitchen, Mr. Cantu enlisted the counsel of Linda Gray with SCORE and assembled a team of resources collaborating to help Micha and Mercedes reach a better life.

Working with Transformance USA, Mr. Cantu and TCBP were able to get the couple enrolled in a warehouse logistics training program. Through donations assembled by Mr. Cantu and assistance from Helping Hands and the Salvation Army, as well as many other associated resources, improved clothing was provided, bus passes to get to class, and medical attention from Parkland Hospital (Micha suffers from diabetes). During a health fair at the Cornerstone Kitchen it was also determined that Micah suffers from high blood pressure, which had to be addressed. Healing Hands was able to provide tremendous assistance in providing medical care and medication. 

Provided with support from TCBP donations and volunteers, City Square, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Helping Hands, SCORE, Parkland Hospital, The Salvation Army, Healing Hands, and many others, Micha and Mercedes graduated from the Transformance USA Warehouse Logistics Training Program and received accreditation from Mountain View Community College. From the greatly improved employment situation, Micha and Mercedes were able to acquire and move into their first apartment. Several of the contributing charitable entities also cooperated to help set up the household for the couple with basic necessities. As a result, they were able to sleep in their own bed, shower in their own bathroom, cook in their own kitchen, and live in their own residence.

Within fourteen weeks of exposure to The C.A.R.D. Board Project at the Cornerstone Kitchen, and with the assistance, counseling, donations, and direction of many conscientious volunteers, various contributors, and a multitude of assisting entities, the couple had turned their living situation around completely. Staying focused, working hard and consistent, they had participated in advanced job training, secured employment, received critical medical care, and were able to move into their own apartment and set up a household. Through all the distractions, disappointments, challenges and difficulties, Micha and Mercedes had diligently worked to create a much more positive future for themselves….and succeeded. Changing their lives completely in just a few weeks.  

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